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An important note before considering a curriculum for preschoolers: sometimes just the act of making a plan creates pressure to complete it, no matter what. But researchers – and lots of Moms – emphasize that very young children learn best by playing.  So don’t worry if your lesson plans are thrown out the window some days because of the chaos…I mean, imaginative play!  (Save your materials for kindergarten next year if you don’t get to them this year.)  Also, play is good for kids of all ages, and for adults too – read this!

In putting together our preschool curriculum this year I was amazed again at the amount of free and inexpensive materials available on the Internet and elsewhere. Please see my article Where To Find Homeschooling Materials for more suggestions.

Last year for (pre) pre-school we made letter lap books (I burned out around the letter I – we will probably resume with the letter J in Kindergarten!)  We also enjoyed several books and related activities from Five In A Row, made lots of crafts, and took many fun trips to children’s museums.

In planning our year I put a lot of emphasis on reading books and hands-on activities (such as arts and crafts and simple science projects). I’m trying to include games as well, even though they aren’t my forté. There are lots of fun worksheets available and I’ve included our favorite publishers and links to printables.  I bring these out when my little one is in the mood and try not push too hard – some days she’ll do ten pages (“another one, another one!”) and some days she’s not interested at all.

Need help getting organized?  This post may interest you: Ideas For Preschool & Kindergarten – Getting Organized

Below are the links to the lesson ideas I have put together for our year.  I don’t pretend that we will be doing everything listed each month! I wanted to provide a lot of resources from which you could pick and choose depending on the interests of your child(ren).  I am creating separate posts for each theme so you can mix and match the lessons to fit your needs.

Links To Lesson Idea Posts

Articles will be linked below as soon as they are posted.

August (short month)

Theme: All About Me
Bible: Creation, Adam and Eve


Theme 1: Birds & Land Animals
Theme 2: Colors & Rainbows
Bible 1 : Noah’s Ark
Bible 2: Abraham


Theme 1: Earth & Space
Theme 2: Fall Season
Bible 1: Joseph
Bible 2: Moses


Theme 1: Work & Occupations
Theme 2: Thanksgiving
Bible 1: Joshua
Bible 2: Ruth & Naomi


Theme 1: World Cultures – Part 1 and Part 2
Theme 2: Christmas
Bible 1: David
Bible 2: Birth of Jesus


Theme 1: Ocean & River Animals
Theme 2: Winter Season
Bible 1: Prophets
Bible 2: Daniel


Theme 1: Love & Friendship
Theme 2: Valentines’ Day
Bible 1: Queen Esther
Bible 2: Teachings & Parables of Jesus


Theme: Insects, Spiders & Butterflies
Bible: Jesus’ Miracles


Theme 1: Spring, Plants & Flowers
Theme 2: Fruits and Vegetables
Theme 3: Easter
Bible: Stories of Jesus, Resurrection of Jesus


Theme: Travel & Transportation
Bible 1: Acts, Peter, Paul, John

Thank you for visiting Cotton Ridge Homeschool!  I hope these plans help you with your preschool adventure!  Please feel free to comment below with your own ideas!

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