Colors & Rainbows Lesson Ideas For Preschool & Kindergarten

Rainbow by UrbanWanderer on Flickr


1. Know the order and names of the colors of the rainbow.
2. Beginning knowledge of how rainbows are formed.

This mini-lesson plan goes well with the Birds & Land Animals lesson and Noah’s Ark Bible story.  For an introduction and to see how this post fits in the complete list of preschool lesson plans, please see my post: Preschool Lesson Ideas For Homeschool – Plans For The Year.

If you are so inclined and your child would enjoy it, consider compiling your child’s work and making a lapbook, book or portfolio at end of each month. You can also just keep it in a file folder! (We also occasionally mail fun worksheets to relatives who like to see what M is up to!)

Lesson Ideas

Pick and choose the resources below that fit best with your family.  You may also find this link helpful for more activities: Rainbow Lesson Plan Ideas.

Arts & Crafts


Reading & History

* A Beka updates these books occasionally so I am not including page numbers or specific descriptions.
*** Egermeier’s Bible Story Book is wonderful for children who can listen to a story while they color, and don’t need a lot of pictures in the book to keep them interested.

Thank you for visiting Cotton Ridge Homeschool! I hope these plans help you with your preschool year. Please feel free to comment below with your own ideas!

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