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timeline folder coverThis post describes how to assemble the timeline folders and poster for the Early American History lesson plans.  For an introduction to this series please read the introductory post.

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Student Timeline Folders

You Will Need:

Assembly Instructions

You can assemble the timeline folders before your first class begins, or if you have time in class you can help your students make them.  Either way you will want to trim the printable pages ahead of time.

1.  With Paper Cutter, trim printed pages on all four sides to fit file folder (see images).  Try to trim the timeline pages so that the middle line and page edges line up (see images).

2.  With Paper Cutter, cut tab off of file folder (optional).

3.  On the front cover of the folder glue the Flag cover page.

timeline folder detail

4.  Tape the three timeline pages together.  (I used Satin Finish Scotch Tape – it seems to be less noticeable than the regular finish.)  Match up the middle line, then trim edges with scissors if necessary.

5.  Glue in the top page of the timeline on the inside of the folder (see images).  Position it closer to the inside fold so that the paper is not visible when you close the folder.

timeline folder open 1

6.  Make two folds in the timeline (see image) so that the timeline is contained in the folder.

7.  Tape a small envelope to the inside of the folder.

timeline folder open

8.  Cut the timeline figures out and insert into envelope.

9.  Color and complete the cover page.

If possible, keep the timeline folders in the classroom instead of allowing the kids to take them home – you’ll be adding a timeline figure to the timeline each week.

Timeline PosterTimeline Poster

If you wish you can make a poster for your classroom wall for a visual reminder of each lesson.  Allow the kids to take turns gluing the week’s timeline figure to the poster.

You Will Need

  • 2 sheets 14″x22″ poster board
  • 3 sheets 9″x12″ construction paper or card stock
  • Timeline Printables (see below to download)
  • Glue Dots and Glue Stick

1.  Cut to fit and glue on printable pages to construction paper or card stock.  Try to match up the lines as best as you can.  (Refer to image.)

2.  With Glue Dots, glue the card stock to the poster board: on the top part of the poster, the paper should line up on the bottom edge; on the bottom part of the poster the paper should line up to the top edge.  (Refer to image.)

3.  Decorate poster: use a glue stick to attach patriotic clip art images (see below to download).  You can also add stickers, flags, ribbon, etc.  Use the decorations to cover up any matching errors (I did – it worked out great)!


Terms of Use: These printables are provided at no cost for personal or classroom use. Print as many as you like!  If you are linking to this blog post for a round-up type post on your blog, you are welcome to use the button image above in your post.

Restrictions: Please do not sell these documents or upload it to your web site or any other web site. If you would like to link to these printables, please link to the blog post and not the PDF files.

The first thumbnail is the cover page only.  If you are following along with my lesson plans, click on the second thumbnail to print out the timeline (4 pages). If you’d like to create our own timeline, click on the third thumbnail to print out the blank timeline.  The fourth thumbnail – the clip art PDF – is 2 pages.

Click on a thumbnail below to open, download and print the PDF documents.  For best printing results, open in Adobe Reader before printing – the document may not look right if you print from your browser.  Also, even if the words look wrong in your browser, when you open the PDF in Adobe Reader, it will look and print correctly.

Early American History Timeline BW Cover Page  Early American Timeline To Assemble  Blank Timeline  Early American History Clipart jpeg of pdf

In the next Early American History post, I’ll describe how to assemble the student’s History Journals.

Copyright 2015 Kathryn Depew

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Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I am an affiliate of Amazon, and will receive a small commission if a link on this page is used to make a purchase.

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