Make A Winter-Themed Paper Bag Book ~ Free Instructions and Printables

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Mini-Books From Lunch Sacks!

My daughter and I are enjoying making these little paper bag books!  It’s so COLD outside and this project is a great indoor activity.  This is the third in a series of posts containing free instructions and printable pages to make your own paper bag books at home or in a classroom setting.  Although this is a very inexpensive project which requires only a few tools and materials, it is open to a wide range of creative possibilities!

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Winter-Themed Paper Bag Book

You Will Need:

For Preschoolers and Kindergarteners, I recommend using 2 lunch bags for a four-page book (to stay within their attention spans). They can use the front and back of each page plus the pockets, so the kids will have plenty of space for their coloring pages. You may want to make longer books with older kids. Allowing kids to cut out their own little pages is great scissor-practice, but to save time, you can cut out the little printable pages ahead of time.

Scroll down for free printable PDF instructions and coloring pages!

Pictorial Overview Of The Paper Bag Book

Winter Book Ideas

We love to read! Here are a few of our favorite Winter season books!

Free Printables

Just click on the thumbnail image to open and print! If the PDF files do not look right in your browser, open the document in Adobe Reader first, then print.

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Winter Paper Bag Book Instructions and Printable Pages

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Disclosure: I am an affiliate of, and will receive a small commission if the links on this page are used to make a purchase.

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