Owl Always Love You ~ Personalized Book Review

Owl Always Love You

Today I received the most beautiful hardcover book in the mail from flattenme.com, personalized with my child’s name!  Written by Robyn Spizman and lovingly illustrated by Erica Leighton, Owl Always Love You is a perfect gift to give to little ones.  This “bedtime story for little night owls” is personalized throughout the 30 pages, and is a wonderful way to communicate how much you love your little ones.

OWL always love you

My little chickadee.

OWL always love you.

You mean the world to me.

I plan to give this book to my little daughter on Mother’s Day, and I am sure she will love the gentle rhymes and amazing illustrations of owls, animals, and nature.  It is important to me to expose her to beautiful books to encourage her already-blossoming love of reading!  If you are interested in seeing more, you can preview this entire book online!

Owl Always Love You 2

OWL always love you.

You put a smile upon my heart.

OWL always love you.

I’ve loved you from the start.

Flattenme.com publishes several personalized books in both hardcover and softcover versions (most  require a photo, but Owl Always Love You requires just the child’s name).  Some of the titles available are ABC & 123, My SuperSomeone, Potty Dance, and Pirates. They also offer unique personalized wall art, t-shirts and greeting cards as well!  If you are looking for some neat personalized gifts for the kids in your life, this site is a great place to start!

Disclosure: I received a free book to review.  I am an affiliate of  Flattenme.com and will receive a small commission if the links above are used to make a purchase. Nevertheless, my opinions are 100% my own and may differ from yours.

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