Around the World in 28 Weeks: Art, Literature & Geography Lessons for Kindergarten – Introduction

Around the World in 28 Weeks Kindergarten Feature OKA Trip Around The World

Updated March 2015

I’m excited about teaching one of my daughter’s homeschool coop classes this coming year. It’s only June, but I am planning ahead! The class I’ll be teaching will be centered around our favorite things to do: reading and arts & crafts.  We also love to find the places we read about on a map.  We are going on a trip around the world, would you like to come along?

 Hot Air Balloon by R'lyeh Imaging on flickrI am designing the lesson plans for our once-per-week one-hour class sessions.  However, I will include additional resources and ideas for those of you who have longer class times or more sessions per week, or who would just like more options to choose from.  Our class is medium-sized (10 children), and the age range is late 4’s to 6.  We start during the last week of August, so my schedule takes that into account, and it also works around several holidays.

You can customize the order of lessons plans as you see fit, and substitute books and activities as well. The ideas in this post and following “Around the World” posts are presented to spark your imagination!  (If you do not live in the U.S., you will want to start your students from your country at the beginning, and return to your country at the end of the year.)  I welcome comments and suggestions for additional books and activities!

Disclosure: The books and supply links below lead to products on Amazon. I am an affiliate and will receive a small commission if these links are used to make a purchase.

Getting Started

Free Printables

Each week’s session will include a detailed lesson plan.  To get started, though, an overview of the entire year at-a-glance is helpful for planning ahead!  Following are three free printables in PDF format. Just click on the thumbnails below to open and view.  For best results, download to your computer before printing.

  1. Printable lesson plan overview for the year. (Updated July 10, 2014)
  2. Blank printable lesson plan (if you’d like to create your own).
  3. Printable list of general supplies needed and the books that I used to create the lesson plans.


Lesson Plans Around the World in 28 Weeks Kindergarten  Lesson Plans Around the World Blank Template Around the World in 28 Weeks Kindergartener Supply and Book Lists

General Supply List

Specific supplies for each week’s session will be listed in the weekly lesson plan.

Book Lists

When I last checked, all but one or two of these books were available on Amazon. They also may be available at your local library.  If you cannot borrow them, you can also try your local bookstore or (be mindful of shipping costs).

Art Book List

Storybook List (in order needed)

Lesson Plans Overview For The Year

As I publish each week’s lesson plan, I will post the link below.  Check back during the year, as I will be adding pictures of completed projects and let you know if the kids enjoyed the lesson and any changes I would make for next time.  Thanks for joining us!

Christmas/New Year Break

Spring Break

Text Copyright 2015 Kathryn Depew

Images from used under the Creative Commons license. Credits: R’lyeh Imaging and Karen Cox.

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