Homeschooling Success Story: Rebekah Kreiger, Graphic Artist and Jewelry Designer

Rebekah Kreiger is a talented artist and designer residing in Seattle, Washington. She has been creating since the age of 6, and currently has three shops on Etsy. Be sure to visit to see more of her wonderful work: Verdigris Jewelry & Gifts, Tangle’s Treasures, and Tangle’s Graphics. If you are interested in papercrafting, visit her Tangle’s Treasures blog for some beautiful ideas!

About The Artist

My name is Rebekah Kreiger and I live in Washington with my wonderful husband of 2 years. I grew up in Washington in a loving homeschooled family with my two sisters who are my best friends. Being homeschooled allowed me countless hours of free time to pursue extracurricular activities. I enjoy singing, swing dancing, playing music, cooking and basically anything I can do with my hands I love the process of creating itself but also the people I meet along my creative journey.

I see my creativity as a gift from God and I feel the most alive when I can use it to bless others.

I got my first bead box when I was 6 years old and have been making jewelry ever since. Back then I would tape my jewelry to an old chalkboard and sell my simple beaded pieces at neighborhood garage sales and farmers markets. I was a magpie and collected anything that glittered! I started my first Etsy shop in 2009 and sold handmade cards and journals on a limited basis. In 2012 I revamped my shop as a graphic design store and sell graphic design elements and clipart. I opened a second shop later that year and It grew so quickly that I was able to quit my day job and pursue my creative outlets full time. In March of this year I started my jewelry shop because I missed having a creative outlet that didn’t involve a computer : ). I have been so blessed by the growth I have seen in my business and the support I have received from the Etsy community.

Teaching is another passion of mine and I have taught piano and celtic harp for 7 years in the past. I also love to teach crafts but only on an informal basis. I worked as a nanny for many years and enjoyed sharing creative projects with the kids I spent time with. In high school, I helped start a nonprofit organization to help children cope with disasters by expressing themselves through art. I helped lead watercolor workshops at a Ronald McDonald house, and participated in many creative projects that were sent to children effected by 9/11, hurricane Katrina, and other disasters. I see my creativity as a gift from God and I feel the most alive when I can use it to bless others.

Connect With Rebekah

Etsy Shops: Verdigris Jewelry & Gifts, Tangle’s Treasures, and Tangle’s Graphics

Social Media: Facebook : Twitter : Instagram : Pinterest: Papercrafts Blog

*** Rebekah is offering my readers a chance to win a $50 Gift Certificate to her shop!  Watch for the giveaway starting in early September, 2013. ***

oak leaf and smoked rose acorn Necklace by Rebekah Kreiger

Text and Images Copyright 2013 Rebekah Kreiger, used by permission.

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