Beach-Themed Ideas For Decorating Your Child’s Room, Etsy-Style!

Surfboard Bag by Tasha Chapman Tasha from Chapman at Sea has some great ideas for decorating a kids room with a beach theme!  Chapman at Sea is a husband and wife team that creates classic, utilitarian products for time spent by the sea.  Visit their Etsy shop for handcrafted surfboard bags and tote bags which are perfect for both decorating and storage. Depths Bellow by Tasha Chapman

Tote bags hung on a peg are wonderful for storing just about anything, including your child’s mementos from your beach vacation!   If you don’t have a surfboard for the surfboard bag, look for an old one at a thrift store or yard sale. Tasha suggests that you can even use a plain piece of wood.  Stand it in the corner, or hang it on the wall to add to the beach decor.  Or – use it for storage – think how many toys could fit in that huge bag!

Tasha’s beautiful ocean-themed artwork (featured on her Jewelwing shop) would add whimsical touch to a beach- or ocean-themed bedroom, too!

To see more nautical decor and accessories from Etsy artists and handcrafters, please visit my previous post Dreaming of the Sea…An Etsy Treasury.

Handcrafted Tote Bag by Tasha Chapman

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