Introduction to Zoology ~ Assembling the Student Science Notebooks

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This post describes how to assemble the Student Science Notebooks for the Introduction to Zoology lesson plans. For an introduction to this series please read the introductory post.  If you plan on following my 12 lesson plans, you may want to assemble your journals before the first class. Alternatively, you can hand out the appropriate pages each week for your students to work on and include in their notebooks.Zoology Science Notebook l

Are you planning to extend the lesson plans with the study of more animals?  If so, you can find more worksheets for your Science Journals from (basic membership is free), and many other sites – just do an internet search on your subject.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I am an affiliate of Amazon, and will receive a small commission if a link on this page is used to make a purchase.

Zoology Science Notebook insideSupplies Needed

If you are using a “View” binder with a pocket in the front of the binder for a cover, do not hole punch the cover page.

Zoology Science Notebook Pages

The links in the list below lead to resources (basic membership is free).

Notebook Cover: My Zoology Science Notebook Cover Page (download free printable below)
Week 1: Animal Classes ( download)
Week 2: Animal Habitats Match-Up ( download)
Week 3: Underwater Scene Coloring Page ( download)
Week 4: Seals Coloring Page ( download)
Week 5: Orca Coloring Page, Dolphin Dot-to-Dot Page ( downloads), and/or Dolphin Coloring & Tracing Page (download free printable below)
Week 6: Tortoise Coloring Page and California Tiger Salamander Coloring Page ( downloads)
Week 7: Life Cycle of a Butterfly Page ( download) and/or Bee Coloring & Tracing Page (free printable below)
Week 8: Lion Pride Coloring Page and/or Lion Coloring & Tracing Page (free printable below)
Week 9: Pair of Elephants Coloring Page and/or Elephant Coloring & Tracing Page (free printable below)
Week 10: Dogsled Coloring Page, Foxes Coloring Page  ( downloads), and/or Red Fox Coloring Page (free printable below)
Week 11: Bears Coloring Page  ( download) and/or Bear Coloring & Tracing Page (free printable below)
Week 12: Red-Tailed Hawk Coloring Page ( download)

Free Printables

Terms of Use: These printables are provided at no cost for personal or classroom use. Print as many as you like!  If you are linking to this blog post for a post on your blog, you are welcome to use the button image above in your post.

Restrictions: Please do not sell these documents or upload it to your web site or any other web site. If you would like to link to these printables, please link to the blog post and not the PDF files.

Click on a thumbnail below to open, download and print the PDF documents.  For best printing results, open in Adobe Reader before printing.

Zoology Science Notebook Cover Page Dolphin Coloring Tracing Page Lion to Color Bee Coloring Tracing Page Elephant Coloring Tracing Page Red Fox Coloring Sheet jpg Bear Coloring Tracing Page

More Animal-Themed Printables

Looking for more free animal-themed printables?  There are many more on this site – crafts, puzzles, coloring pages, and tracing pages with animal themes.  Click on the links below to explore!

 Mouse Lit - Story Ideas & Free Printables Spring Themed Printables Button  Winter Free Printables Button CRH Monkey Fun Free Printables Button B ABC 123 Printables Button  Crafts and Activities Printables Button 2

Please feel free to comment below with your recommendations – I appreciate your ideas and suggestions!

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Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I am an affiliate of Amazon, and will receive a small commission if a link on this page is used to make a purchase.

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