Early American History: Johnny Appleseed ~ Week 13 Lesson Plan For Kindergarten and First Grade

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In this lesson you will teach your students about John Chapman, known as Johnny Appleseed.

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Suggested General ResourcesJohnny_Appleseed_1

Additional Items Recommended For This Lesson

  • Johnny Appleseed: The Story of a Legend by Will Moses
  • Printable Apple Game Board for each child (Free Printable – see below)
  • Pair of small tongs, number die, several small red pom poms, and small basket for each child
  • Apple pie or another apple snack

Week 13 Lesson Plan

For suggestions on how to conduct each activity below, please see the introductory post.

Year and Subject
1774 – 1845: John Chapman, known as Johnny Appleseed (first orchard planted circa 1790).

Map Activity
Find Pennsylvania, Ontario, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and West Virginia – these are the areas where John Chapman planted apple trees.

Johnny Appleseed: The Story of a Legend by Will Moses

Timeline Figures
Please click here for Timeline instructions and free printables.
Johnny Appleseed

History Journal
Please click here for History Journal assembly instructions and free printables.
Page 23: Johnny Appleseed Coloring and Tracing Page (free printable on History Journal Assembly post)

Activity: Apple Tree Counting Game
You will need a pair of small tongs, number die, small basket, several small red pom poms, and an Apple Tree Game Board printable (below) for each child.  This game was inspired by this post on gettingmessywithmsjessi.com.

Game Instructions
1. Roll the die.
2. Count the number of dots on the die. Place that many red pom pom
apples on the tree with the tongs.
3. Roll the die again.
4. Count the number of dots on the die. Place that many red pom pom
apples on the tree with the tongs.
5. Count all the pom pom apples on the tree.
6. Use the tongs to “pick” the apples from the tree and put them in the

Alternate Game: Play with two or more players. Each player takes a turn
following the above directions and writes down his or her “score.” The
player with the highest score wins.

To print out your copies of the Apple Tree Game Board and Instructions, please click on the thumbnail below.  For best results, open in Adobe Reader before printing or saving (otherwise text may appear scrambled).

Terms and Restrictions: These printables are provided at no cost for personal or classroom use. Print as many as you like!  Please do not sell these documents or upload them to your web site or any other web site.

Apple Tree Game

Note: This is a two-page document. The first page is the game board and the second page contains the instructions.

Food: Apple Pie or Other Apple Snack
A few suggestions: apple pie, apple crisp, apple slices with peanut butter, cinnamon sugar, or honey.

More Activity and Craft Ideas
My teaching partner  taught the kids how to make trees with their hand prints and finger-painting.  She brought this project for the George Washington lesson (for cherry trees), but it will also work for apple trees!

Please see my American History Pinterest Board for more ideas!

Additional Take-Home Activity
Johnny Appleseed Mini-Book from 15 Easy-to-Read Biography Mini-Books: Famous Americans (Grades K-2).

Text Copyright 2016 Kathryn Depew

Drawing of Johnny Appleseed by H. S. Knapp – A History of the Pioneer and Modern Times of Ashland County. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott & Co. (1862), Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=16368208

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