Early American History: Declaration of Independence ~ Week 10 Lesson Plan For Kindergarten and First Grade

Early American History Button CRH FeatureThis post is part of the Early American History series. For a suggested class schedule, an overview of the entire course, and links to more lesson plans, please see the introductory post.

In this lesson you will teach your students about the Revolutionary War and the Declaration of Independence.

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Suggested General ResourcesUnited_States_Declaration_of_Independence

Additional Items Recommended For This Lesson

Week 10 Lesson Plan

For suggestions on how to conduct each activity below, please see the introductory post.

Year and Subject
1775 – 1783: Revolutionary War and the Declaration of Independence.

Map Activity
Find Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Declaration of Independence by Lori Mortensen

Timeline Figures
Please click here for Timeline instructions and free printables.
Liberty Bell, Soldier

History Journal
Please click here for History Journal assembly instructions and free printables.
Page 17: Declaration of Independence Coloring Page (The Light and the Glory : Children’s Activity Book – page 56)
Page 18: Liberty Bell Dot-to-Dot (The Light and the Glory Children’s Activity Book – page 65)
Page 19: American Soldiers: The Revolutionary War (free printable on education.com)

Activity: Bean Bag Toss
You will need bean bags and several empty, clean tin cans.  Stack them up and see how many each child can knock down in three throws.  Vary the game as you like – you can see more fun bean bag game ideas at tidymom.net.

Food Idea #1: Johnny Cakes
Find a Johnny Cakes recipe on page 19 of Great Colonial America Projects: You Can Build Yourself or on the Kid Activities: Colonial Theme site.

Food Idea #2: Revolutionary Soldier Diet
Revolutionary soldiers ate dried meat, hardtack, beans, dessicated (dried) vegetables, and also hunted for their food. For snack, we served beef jerky, white crackers, Veggie Straws, and sweet potato chips.

Timesaver Snack Idea: Spice cake from a box mix.

More Activity and Craft Ideas
My teaching partner brought red and blue paint dab markers, star stickers, and paper with an outline of the U.S. flag for our project.  The kids enjoyed painting the flag with this new-to-them type of paint marker!

Please see my American History Pinterest Board for more ideas!

Additional Take-Home Activity
Betsy Ross Mini-Book from 15 Easy-to-Read Biography Mini-Books: Famous Americans (Grades K-2).

My copy of this book contained an error in the number of stripes on the flag. I used correction tape to blank out this sentence when I made copies for my students.

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Image of the Declaration of Independence – Public Domain:  https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:United_States_Declaration_of_Independence.jpg.

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