Verse of the Week ~ Psalm 62:5 (Free Printable)

Psalm 62:5 Free PrintableMy preschooler is learning and memorizing new scripture each week in Sunday School and in AWANA, and she is so proud when she can recite a verse with little or no help!  I’m so glad she is getting an early start in a fun environment.  We sit down together each week and learn her AWANA verse; I have to keep them on index cards for our review – memorizing was so much easier when I was younger!

My daughter has inspired me to find my own scripture each week.  Something personal for me to not only just get me through the week, but to live with joy and peace!  Today I am starting a new series which I hope to continue weekly, where I share the scripture I’ve found in a free printable.  Just click on the download link below to open the file and print.  You can save it to your computer for later, too.

Download the Psalm 62:5 Free Printable

My graphics are pretty simple; I hope to learn more about creating nice printables this year!  Perhaps by December they will be fancy schmancy!

Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him.
~ Psalm 62:5, NIV

Thank you for visiting Cotton Ridge Homeschool!  I hope you have a wonderful week.

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