Top 10 Reasons to Choose a Montessori Education For Your Child

Montessori Education is a growing method in education for children today. There are many reasons guest author Tess Young believes a Montessori education is the best choice for your child. The method was created to give children the ability to be an individual and learn based on their personality in individual and group settings. Below are a ten reasons why a Montessori education is a great option for your child.

Montessori by Nabeel H on flickrMulti-Age Classrooms

The Montessori education movement believes that including different age levels into the classrooms works best in teaching the students how to learn. It has been found that children within certain age groups and levels can benefit from being in classroom with children of different ages. Montessori education promotes learning by this standard of classroom settings, and will typically have the same children in the same classroom with the same teacher for at least three years. By having different age groups in one class together, the older children will benefit by being role models and helping the younger children learn and the younger children will benefit by seeing the success of the older children.

Freedom of Movement

Montessori education promotes independence in the classroom by allowing the child to move about freely to obtain necessary materials or to move around as needed. This promotes self-control and a sense of independence in the classroom. The child will also feel respected if he or she is allowed to make their own choices.

Educational Manipulative Materials

A child in a Montessori school will be given educational materials that are rich in visual presentation, as it is believed that children learn best in a variety of different ways.

Montessori Numbers Game by Nabeel HFreedom of Choice in Work

A child in a Montessori school is allowed to choose their own work based on the lessons presented in class. This choice allows the child to take ownership in their work, as well as giving them a sense of purpose and excitement about their education and classwork.

“Follow the Child” Approach

Perhaps the most widely known aspect of Montessori education is their approach of following the child at their own pace. This means that a child will be presented a lesson from the teacher that is on his or her own level, and the child we be allowed to work at their own pace. This allows the child to feel confident and learn as he or she is best able to do.

Practical Life

Montessori schools, and even the preschool and daycares that follow the Montessori Method, allow children to learn practical life skills such as daily chores and conflict resolution. Learning these skills fosters a sense of responsibility in the child and allows them to build confidence.

Cosmic Curriculum

Cosmic curriculum teaches the child about the universe and all that it includes, getting the child excited about the world in which he or she lives.

Montessori by amrufm on flickrCommunity

Montessori schools teach children about different cultures and people, promoting respect for diversity and for others. The Montessori Education Method believes in the importance of peace and promotes respect through its global education.

Peace Curriculum

Montessori education promotes peace among all of its students both in school and out, and has developed a curriculum to help children solve their own problems and learn conflict resolution skills.

Earth Conscious Curriculum

Promoting the respect for the Earth, humans, and animals is part of the Montessori curriculum. Children will learn how to take care of the Earth and to respect its inhabitants.

Guest author Tess Young is an educationalist who has been studying the varied forms of child education in our country. She is an unabashed fan of the Montessori system and spends a lot of time advocating its use for better children’s education.

Images from used under the Creative Commons license. Image credits:  Child Drawing by amrufm, Montessori activity and Montessori box of number tiles by Nabeel H.

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