Creativity & Crafts For Preschoolers – Ideas Galore, Plus Link Up Your Own!

Pipe Cleaner Figure on Block by Kathie Depew 800

Kleenex Soup

Yesterday evening my preschooler dunked an entire (large) box of Kleenex in the tub. She thought the tissues made great bandages for her bath-time baby doll. At my computer (about 10 feet away from the tub) I was blissfully thinking that she sounded so happy playing in her tub, unaware of the clouds floating through the water.

When the Kleenex soup was finally discovered, I cleaned out the disintegrating paper with my bare hands as best as I could. And when I got out my old mesh kitchen strainer to get the rest, M promptly took over the “fishing net.” I was surprised that I really didn’t get mad – I suppose I was secretly proud of how imaginative she is!  (I did ask her to promise never to do it again, though!)

Craft & Activity Books

Bird with Beads Craft from 20 Minute Crafts

I decided we needed something creative to do at home, that didn’t involve an entire box of tissues!  I love craft kits and use them, but I have loads of craft supplies, nicely organized in clear storage boxes (my project last year).  So, I went looking for some fun ideas on how to use them. Most of the art and crafts books I have on my shelves are for ages 5 and up, but I did find several projects for younger kids in the books listed below!

Below are a few of my daughter’s favorite activity books for three and four-year-olds. These are particularly helpful in the morning when I am making breakfast – I tear out a few pages and she works on them one at a time, until she decides to do something else (I’m never pushy with these).

Crafts For Preschoolers: Link-Up Your Project!

Pipe Cleaner Finger Puppets by Kathie Depew

Pipe Cleaner Finger Puppets

Included below are ideas I found across the web using simple supplies and directions. Perhaps this list will help keep your little one out of trouble for an hour or two!  Don’t have time for crafts?  Try keeping play dough, puzzles, and activity/sticker books on hand and ready to hand out when the kids become uninterested in their toys.

Do you have a craft project perfect for three and four-year-olds posted on your web site?  Please feel free to link it up below!


Would you like to treat your kids to an art/craft/science kit every month, delivered right to your door? Try Kiwi Crate! You can read my review for more info!

Kiwi Crate Craft Kits

Disclosure: I am an affiliate of and Kiwi Crate, and will receive a small commission if the links above are used to make a purchase. Nevertheless, I only recommend companies and products that I believe will be of benefit to my readers. My opinions are are my own and may differ from yours.

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