Infographic: The Art of Teaching Students How to Do a Science Fair Project

Science Fair Infographic

This informative guest post and infographic from Teacher’s Guide to Science Fair Projects will help both classroom teachers and homeschooling parents prepare their students for their next science fair. (Click on the image for a larger view.)

Learn the steps required for teaching students how to complete a science fair project.

The art of teaching how to do a science fair project requires a logical approach. Just as when you teach any other module in your science class, you need to break down the skills and steps required for completing a science fair project into easy to comprehend lesson plans. There are a couple of ways to break down the process.

The first option that you have is to develop an entire module around science fairs and science fair projects. This option will require you to determine the number of steps required for completing a project and then to develop lesson plans for each specific project step.

For example, you can create a lesson plan for hypothesis development, background research, writing a science fair project report and for the scientific method. These modules need to be presented to your students in a logical order. For example, you need to present the hypothesis activity before the writing a report activity. Generally the order of activities is determined by the step order for the scientific method.

The second option that you have is to simply relate existing lesson plans and modules to science fair participation. For example, when covering the scientific method in the textbook, you can identify how the scientific method is used not only by scientists to find answers and connections between variables, but also by students who are entering science fairs. Depending on when your school holds its science fair, you may be able to cover all the required steps with your normal curriculum.

When teaching lessons about science fair participation it is important to connect what you do in a science fair project to what scientists do to solve problem. You can do this in several ways. For example, you can invite a scientist to your class to talk about what they do and how they use the scientific method, you can hold a class discussion about science news stories or you can have your students work on research projects that explore specific scientists.

If your science class will be participating in a science fair then you will also need to develop lesson plans around the science fair experience. A good way to do this is to have kids learn about past science fair projects, including both good and bad projects. You can also view video presentations on science fairs. There are lots of science fair project videos on YouTube.

The Teacher’s Guide to Science Fair Projects is a great resource if you are interested in teaching modules on science fair participation. This guide will provide you with lesson plans that will take you from helping the kids to choose a particular science fair project to writing up a final report.

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