Try Fun Science Experiments At Home With These iPad Apps

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Guest author Matthew Young recommends several iPad apps to easily incorporate science into your home education.

Every student who graduated from high school would have done any of these experiments: the exploding volcano, the miniature hovercraft, the homemade electromagnet, homemade plastic or the soda-and-Mentos geyser. Just because you’re not cooped up in a sophisticated laboratory does not mean that you can’t conduct these and more experiments right in the comfort of your own home. Aside from being a fun way to occupy the time, these science experiments also give kids a few valuable lessons in science. Since most of them do not require any fancy equipment to make, kids of all ages along with their parents can have fun learning about science.

Top 5 Apps for Experimenting with Science

Now, if you have no idea about which science experiments you can start with, why not download a few iPad apps to help you out? If your tablet computer is currently filled with game apps, now’s as good a time as any for you to use it for something that’s both fun and educational for the kids. Here is a list of the top five iPad apps where you can get instructions on how to conduct science experiments:

Amazing Science Experiments: Volume 1
By: Math Tutor DVD, LLC
Get your older kids to learn about concepts like heat, electricity, pressure, magnetism and much more with the Amazing Science Experiments app. There are already two volumes of this application which is available from iTunes. For the first volume, there are 11 amazing science experiment videos like Color Changing Milk, Egg in a Bottle, Exploring Air Pressure, Build a Lemon Battery, and more. Since all videos are included in the app, you don’t need to have Internet connection to view the clips and get started on these science experiments.

Fun Science Lab
By: Zonkey Interactive
As indicated on the iTunes store, Fun Science Lab is a “magical place for kids to play, experiment and learn about science.” Suitable for kids aged five to eleven, the app includes educational games where they can use heat to glide a hot air balloon across obstacles. There are nine different mini-games or interactive experiments with varying themes for heat, liquid, electricity, magnets and gravity. After every level completed, a medal is awarded to the player.

Home Science Experiments
By: Stroika
Wanna know how to make a lemon battery? For this, you will need a lemon, a penny, a nickel, a copper wire and an LED. The materials and detailed instructions for such experiments are what you will get from the Home Science Experiments app. What’s good about this app is that the experiments are chosen in such a way that kids would only need the items that they can already find inside the house. It encourages your little tyke to use his or her imagination in conducting more science experiments which aren’t just fun but educational, too!

Kids Science: Gross Science
By: Selectsoft
Why do feet smell? Why is mucus gross? These are just some of the questions that will be answered by Kids Science: Gross Science. The concepts in the app might make kids say “Eeew!”, but it will give them the scientific explanation behind icky facts. Mold, pickles, fake blood, insects and similar things are the subjects of the experiments found in this unique app.Kids and Science by GoodNCrazy on Flickr

XPerica HD
By: IL&FS Education and Technology Services, Limited
Finally, there’s XPerica which functions as a virtual science laboratory. It gives users an interactive experience in understanding certain topics in science. With fun-to-prepare experiments, kids can learn about the Archimedes principle, heat expansion in metals, how pulleys function as a simple machine, projectile motion, pendulums and hydrostatic pressure. Aside from covering a diverse set of subjects, there are also challenging experiments for older kids to perform which allow them to use their analytic and problem solving skills.

This article has been written by Matthew Young from, a one-stop resource for coloring pages for kids.

Images by GoodNCrazy on flickr, used under the Creative Commons License.

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