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Do-It-Yourself Decorating & Handmade Gifts

Create warm holiday memories this year with your kids – I found that most kids love making Christmas crafts and gifts!

Creativebug has created a series of free videos called Handcrafted Holiday for people who want to embrace DIY gifting and decorating this year! Top-notch instructors like Maya*Made, Kelly Wilkinson, and Courtney Cerruti will show you simple ways to make your own holiday countdown bunting, glowing lanterns, fresh-smelling soap and custom gift wrap.

The series kicks off Friday, November 23rd. Each day for five days, Creativebug will unveil a new project! They are short and sweet and doable by even the greenest craft novices. They will be posted in the new Free Workshop section of their website.

The Handcrafted Holiday series is an accessible way to get a quick taste of Creativebug’s inspiring, easy-to-follow workshops. And if you’d like more, a Creativebug subscription is just a click away!

A Creative Gift Idea

You can also purchase gift subscriptions at anytime and set a future delivery date. Your gift recipients can also choose when to activate their subscriptions. Monthly subscribers have access to Creativebug‘s entire library of video workshops! Kick-start your creativity and learn alongside some of the leaders of the modern DIY movement, including Diana Fayt, Hello!Lucky, Anna Maria Horner and many more.

For even more creative inspiration, visit the blog at Creativebug!


Creative Video Workshops on Creativebug.com


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