Creative Halloween Treats (That Are Not Candy)

Like many parents, we are concerned about how much sugar the kids eat.  If you are looking for alternatives to handing out candy this Halloween, you will find the following guest post by Susan Wright helpful!

Halloween Treats that Are Not Candy

Trick or Treat does not have to mean Trick or Sweet! If you are among the many parents who are hoping their children’s Halloween goodie bags actually contain some good, then we have a list of treats we know you can appreciate. From the plastic toys to the healthy substitutes to candy, this Halloween can be filled with variety. Sweets are traditional and tasty fun, but scooping out something a bit different can be a welcomed alternative to the norm.

Toy Treats:
Reach for those stocking stuffer toy treats this year; think small, inexpensive and not likely to melt in your mouth or your hand. For example – a toy car, a tube of chapstick, a small morsel of homemade play-doh, a few crayons, stickers, a bouncy ball, a spinning top. Make this Halloween about tricks and treasures! Offer up temporary tattoos, seashells, soap, bubbles, a whistle, a spider ring or vampire teeth.


Yummy – Yet Healthy –  Eats:
Just because something tastes so good doesn’t mean it must fall in the not-so-good-for-you category. There are plenty of options ranging from lesser evil sweets to healthy alternatives to the typically candy craze. Try honey sticks, or small bags of popcorn, crackers, fruit (fresh or dried varieties) and pumpkin seeds! Pretzels, apple slices, juice box drinks and so much more! Rather than bolting straight for the Halloween candy aisle, keep your eyes and options open as your do your regular grocery shopping. Always include multiple options. Someone may have an allergy to those peanut butter crackers, or even one of the dried fruit mixes you had planned on featuring. Sprinkling in a few toy treats guarantees you can deliver smiles to just about any trick-or-treater who knocks on your door this year.

Cavity Combat:
So you think everything in that Halloween bucket must contribute to cavities? Challenge that with a travel sized toothbrush! It may be just what trick-or-treaters need to frighten away any lingering sugar after delving into all of their loot. And while you are at it, don’t forget those travel sized toothpaste tubes, mini floss and breath mints for extra measure. Certain chewing gums offer teeth whitening and other oral health benefits, but remember this is also something that younger kids can get in their hair and make a mess chewing.

Howl-o-ween: Dog-friendly treats!
Believe it or not, there are plenty of four-legged, furry trick-or-treaters out there. They will be looking cuddlier and cuter than ever in their Halloween costumes; and all the while those chocolate bars are enticing but they are also a big no-no! So when you are thinking of “treats,” remember that having a few dog-friendly items on hand is a good idea. Go with a small sized treat, or if you select a larger sized dog treat make sure it is one that can easily be broken down to size for smaller pups.

And now that your bowl of Halloween treats is full of delicious alternatives to candy, plenty of variety – even a special Halloween treat for Fido – you are now ready to practice your “boo” and prepare for those trick-or-treaters!

Susan Wright may be a veterinarian and dog expert, but in her down time, she enjoys taking care of her family and participating in activities that create lasting memories for all involved.

Copyright 2012 Susan Wright

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