The National First Ladies Library

National First Ladies' Library

I just found an interesting web site – the National First Ladies Library.  Available here are the biographies of all the United States’ First Ladies, as well as a wealth of other information.  In fact, I think I just stumbled upon a new series idea for this blog!   (I’m a big history buff, and I enjoyed Margaret Truman’s First Ladies: An Intimate Group Portrait of White House Wives immensely.)

What excited me most were the Lesson Plans based on many of the First Ladies’ lives and the times they lived in!  In the Lesson Plans section you can sort by name, category, and student age group. This would be a great place to start researching a paper or project based on one of these historical women.

National First Ladies' Timeline

Another wonderful tool on the web site is the First Ladies’ Educational Time Line.  Here you can type in a beginning year and ending year, and the web site will show significant events that happened each year.  Many other resources are available, such as the News Article Archive, First Lady Tributes, and more.

If you are traveling to or near Canton, Ohio, the library looks like a fascinating place to spend a few hours. To plan your visit, visit this page of their site: Visiting the First Ladies’ Library.


Copyright 2012 Kathryn Depew.  Images are from the National First Ladies Library web site.

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